Air Conditioner not working properly?

Here are 5 potential problems why your AC is not working.

  1. Dirty air filter

A dirty air filter will decrease the unit’s airflow causing it to struggle to bring in air and reduce its cooling ability. To clean your HVAC filter: (1) turn off your heating or air conditioner, (2) locate your HVAC unit’s service panel, and (3) open it to find the filter. You can clean the filter with running water, such as water from your sink or garden hose. Make sure to allow your HVAC filter to air dry completely before reinserting.

  1. Refrigerant leaks

An AC refrigerant leak can severely hamper the cooling ability of your air conditioning unit. If your AC is not cooling well, your bills are suddenly higher, and water is dripping, you most likely have an AC refrigerant leak.

Since a refrigerant is the cooling agent, an air conditioner refrigerant leak can massively hurt your AC’s performance. If your air conditioning unit is low on Freon, it can put a strain on your unit’s components causing your AC unit to work harder to achieve the set temperature. This strain can lead to a compressor failure if ignored. The strain can, also, cause AC coils to freeze, increase bills, and kill your unit’s overall efficiency.

  1. Blocked condensing unit

A blocked condenser can be cause by various factors including: bent fins, fan problems, component issues, refrigerant leaks, dirty coils, drier lint, ferns/plants, etc. When heat is not released to the surrounding air with an air-cooled condenser, the heat will start to accumulate in the condenser causing the temperature to rise.

  1. Leaking ducts

Air ducts need to be replaced approximately every 15 years or so. Leaking ducts will affect your AC compressor and your indoor air quality over time.

  1. Age and size of the air conditioning unit

The first sign of an undersized unit is if it struggles to keep your home under 79 degrees. Today’s air condioning units are designed to cool your place slowly over time by keeping a constant temperature and making small adjustments. Therefore, your air conditioner might be a little slow going from hot to cool. However, if you’re finding it’s impossible to consistently keep temperature below 79 degrees, then it is probably a sign the AC unit is undersized.

An older AC unit will also not perform consistently. For example, the unit might put out temperatures that are either too hot or too cold. An old air conditioner will also cost you more money on electricity. An old AC unit is also a breeding ground for bacteria and can circulate poor air quality and harmful toxins. The AC unit can also become a fire hazard, as the unit will produce excessive heat and will undoubtedly have old wiring systems.

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