Cottonwood after only 2 weeks in Chilliwack, BC

Oftentimes cotton is not visible on the outside of a HVAC or refrigeration unit but is completely covered and clogged on the inside. As the unit’s central fan sucks in air, it can pull in all kinds of dust, dead grass, leaves and floating cotton from cottonwood trees. Once clogged, the unit’s airflow can become blocked causing it to struggle to bring in air and reduce its cooling ability. This can also cause premature compressor failure.


Dirty air conditioning unit Clean air conditioning unit


Check out the before and after of this air conditioning unit, pictured above. There was lots of dust and cottonwood on the condenser. Lots of air conditioning units have a protective cover on it, so it’s hard to tell how dirty they are until the cover is removed. Make sure your air conditioning unit is clear of shrubs and plants that can get sucked into the coil.

Be sure to stay vigilant with regular maintenance on your air conditioning, heating and/or refrigeration unit. A lot of warranties can become void if a unit is not maintained.

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