Easy Summer Air Conditioning Tips – LISTICLE

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Air Conditioning unit in Chilliwack

1. Service your Air Conditioner annually

Don’t wait until it’s hot outside to think about getting your air conditioner serviced. Putting off a service visit can sometimes turn a small problem into a big one. By servicing your air conditioner annually, you will save money by avoiding costly preventable repairs. Aim to get your air conditioner serviced in the spring, before the summer heat kicks in.

2. Check your Air Filters monthly

A dirty air filter will make your air conditioner work harder to draw in air and will therefore increase energy use. This strain on the system could result in future problems and will cost you more on electricity.

3. Check around the condenser unit for debris

Make sure your air conditioning unit has at least 4 feet of space around it and is not being blocked by plants and debris. Plant overgrowth will affect airflow and decrease the unit’s efficiency.

4. Keep your condenser cool

An easy hack is to set up shade for your condenser. If your condenser is sitting directly in the sunlight and is getting hot, it will have to work harder. Just make sure that you do not block the unit’s airflow.

5. Keep doors and windows closed/sealed

It’s simple but keeping your doors and windows closed will ensure that your AC is not forced to cycle on and work harder to maintain cool air, which will drive up your energy bill. Also, check for small leaks around your doors and windows (and the attic), which lets in and out cold/hot air.


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