Thermostat Tip: Don’t turn your thermostat below 20*C (68*F)

Here’s a quick AC tip for you! Don’t turn your thermostat below 68*F (20*C). Turning your air conditioner below this temperature can cause severe ice build-up in your ac unit, as pictured below.

Frozen air conditioner coil
Ice build-up on unit’s coil.


Lowering the temperature of your thermostat drastically does not make your air conditioning system cool any faster. Instead, it can cause your air conditioning system to freeze up.

To maintain comfort without wasting energy, try to keep your thermostat set between 72*F and 76*F. If 76*F turns out to be too hot, you can try bumping the temperature down to 75*F… and then 74*F. Lowering your thermostat one degree at a time until your space is cool enough.

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See below pictures of a hvac unit’s coil that needed servicing, due to ice build-up.

Air conditioner unit build up of iceAir conditioning unit ice blasted away

Extra tip: Also, don’t forget to change your air filters regularly. This can greatly increase your unit’s efficiency and decrease the chance of future problems.

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